By SP is a collection of silver jewellery by Sadie Perry, using a combination of cast, hand made, found and component pieces. 

Inspiration is drawn from interior design and objects, moulding shapes intuitively based on personal aesthetic and visual research. Pieces are individually handmade using recycled silver where possible, sculpting linear modernist forms whilst embracing the marks of the maker’s hands and tools on the surface of the silver. Each piece is slightly irregular, and traces of the process are kept visible as a celebration of the beauty of craft and handmade production. 

"I personally love vintage jewellery, and seeing slight indentations made by the hand of the designer. It reminds me of the process of making and gives the piece character. The same goes for my own work, I don’t like to completely buff away all imperfections as I think they tell a story, and are a reminder that everything is part of a learning process and should be embraced for its differences and uniqueness. It doesn’t have to be militantly the same and flawless to be beautiful."

Packaging is 100% recycled. 

Photography and creative consultation by Ruby Woodhouse.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please email info@by-sp.com or use the contact form below.

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